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12-24V Reverse Horn Beeper Buzzer Warning Alarm Car Truck Van Rearview Backup UK


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This 105 DB backup beeper warning alarm is made for heavy-duty and commercial use. best for trucks van freight heavy vehicles. 
It can automatically adjust to a voltage range of 12-80 volt vehicles. 
With universal mounting bracket and slotted holes. it can be mounted anywhere in your heavy-duty vehicle. very convenient and easy to install. so it mainly used for car. excavators. construction machinery. special vehicles. parking and a variety of large vehicles container vehicles reminder.
1. Made of heavy Duty Pvc material. very sturdy and durable. 
2. All DC12-24V vehicles universal. 
3. It can be protective when connect the wire inversely or wrong.
4. Produces a powerful beeping sound that is 105 decibel. it will be louder in practical use.
5. Universal mounting bracket with slotted holes. It can be mounted many place in your vehicle.
1. Material: PVC 
2. Color: Black 
3. Voltage: DC 12V-24V 
4. Rated Current: 300mA 
5. Power Output: 15W
6. Volume: 105DB
Package Included:
1 Pc Car Reversing Horn


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