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Keyless Entry System 4 Door Car Remote Control Central Lock Locking Kit Flip Key


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Converts your manual door locking into full REMOTE CENTRAL LOCKING!
Suitable for 2/3/4/5 door vehicles. If you have a 3 or 2 door vehicle; you can simply fit only two motors and tape off the other wiring.
Driver has full control over the locking / unlocking of all doors.
Boot (trunk) release Trigger outputs – Remote control boot release
Siren Output
power window output
Opening and closing the central lock are indicated by the turn signals lights (indicators lights)
Locking operates from both driver or passenger door key or kit can be connected to any alarm with central locking control.
Space inside the remote for your own transponder (chip)! 
More than 50 meters (100 feet) of range.
Silent operation – Rotatable actuator head
All fittings included.


    voltage: 12v Dc 
    Temperature: -20 to +70 deg. C 
    Current consumption: 0.15 to 2.22A 
    Endurance (up and down): 100.000 times 
    Push and pull force: 4kg

Package content :

    2 X high grade Fobs with Haa Blank Keys
    1 X master actuator/motor 5 wire 
    3 X slave actuator/motor 2 wire 
    1 X main brain unit 
    1 X wire loom
     4 X Metal brackets and Fittings


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