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Universal Remote Central Locking Upgrade Kit For Vauxhall Volvo Vw + 2 Fobs


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Fits vehicles with direct gear gun type. 
    The latest 360 degree full rotational heads and hard wearing. chrome plated. long life, remotes. 
    Silent high torque motors give over 100000 operations with a 4kg force. 
    Has the option at connect to internal door switches for added convenience. 
    Full REMOTE operation. 
    Unlocks / locks all your car doors from up to 30 metres away. 
    Waterproof and shockproof. We fit these to off-roaders. 
    Master solenoid. Gives the driver full control from the door switches. 
    Wide temperature operation. These can operate from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. 
    Compatible with all cars and alarm system. No special adapters required here. unlike some. 


    voltage: 12v Dc 
    Temperature: -20 to +70 deg. C 
    Current consumption: 0.15 to 2.22A 
    Endurance (up and down): 100.000 times 
    Push and pull force: 4kg

Package content :

    2 X high grade metal remote control units 
    1 X master actuator/motor 5 wire 
    3 X slave actuator/motor 2 wire 
    1 X main brain unit 
    1 X wire loom
     4 X Metal brackets and Fittings


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